the road to new ground

New ground farm is owned and operated by Mike and Lisel Record.  While Mike’s father and grandparents farmed in Indiana, we are both “first-generation” vegetable farmers.  The pull towards work that for us is “right-livelihood,” that productively connects us more closely to our community and the earth, has grown stronger each year.

Mike and Lisel owned and operated a ½-acre Certified Naturally Grown market garden on leased land in Longmont, Colorado.  The Family Table Farm sold over 30 varieties of vegetables and herbs through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, the Boulder County Farmers’ Market, and an online farm stand.  Mike received Colorado Master Gardener training, and completed the Market Farm track of Colorado State University’s Building Farmers program. Trained as an archeologist, Lisel has spent a lot of time digging in the dirt. Marketing, event planning, and communication skills gained in the cultural tourism industry allow her to keep her customers informed, involved, and happy.  Mentorships with two successful CSA farms accelerated the couple’s learning curve.

In 2011 we took a break from farming to purchase our own farm, and ultimately ended up in Bloomington, Indiana because of its vibrant community and support for the small scale local food movement.